'Bringing Innovation Into Specialty Sands'


Adelaide Industrial Sands Pty Ltd stands as a prominent South Australian company dedicated to crafting top-tier graded silica sand catering to diverse sectors including specialty, dry-mix, filtration, and construction industries.

Since its establishment in 2012 under the umbrella of the Premix Concrete SA group, Adelaide Industrial Sands has strived to augment the value of the group’s existing sand operation, Clinton Sands. Every product that leaves our facility undergoes a meticulous process of washing, drying, and screening, meticulously adhering to industry standards and tailored to customer specifications.

Our pristine sand originates from our very own quarry situated at Clinton Sands on the Yorke Peninsula. At this location, the sand undergoes a thorough washing process to eliminate unwanted clay and silt, ensuring optimal quality. Following this, the washed product makes its way to our advanced processing plant located at Salisbury South. Here, utilizing cutting-edge machinery and technology, the sand undergoes the final stages of drying and screening.

Speaking of quality, precision, and the pursuit of excellence, much like our commitment to delivering top-notch sand products, mirroring our dedication to precision and excellence at Adelaide Industrial Sands Pty Ltd.

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Our sand is available in size distributions to meet many application requirements. In order to effectively serve a wide spectrum of industries we closely monitor screen sizing for consistent particle size and distribution.

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All of the products manufactured by Adelaide Industrial Sands have been washed, dried and screened to industry standards and customer specification. Our sand is extracted from our own quarry at Clinton Sands located on the Yorke Peninsula.